Officer Cadet School, OCS (Part I) – My NS Journey


Officer Cadet School or in short OCS is one of my most memorable journey ever. In this post, I do not aim to provide every single detail about OCS as 9-months has hell lot of things to write about.

I will break down my Journey into 3 parts, according to the OCS Phases:

  • Part I : Common Leadership Module (CLM)
  • Part II : Service Term
  • Part III : Professional Term, Joint Term

The Start of OCS

My 9-Months OCS Journey started 2 weeks after my BMT. The Common Leadership Module (CLM) was a two weeks phase where we were introduced to OCS and their Dos and Don’ts (inclusive of 1 week confinement). Army, Navy and Air’s cadets coming together to train as one Wing.

During the first day, I was dragging my heavy duffle bag all the way from SAFTI’s gate to Warriors Hall. I was told that I am posted to 101/15 Bravo Wing for CLM. None of my BMT mates who came OCS with me were posted to BRAVO.

My friends who heard that I entered Bravo said,

“Good luck, you are gonna suffer big time, I heard quite xiong one…”

As always, I was clueless as I didn’t do any prior research before coming haha!

First Encounter

I was given a blue sticker with the letter ‘B’ on it and I entered the hall and sat at the B column. I was there quite early so there was only a few cadets in the hall. Slowly, I start to see female cadets entering the hall, came and sat behind B column and I was like [ Continue Reading… ]

24km March to POP – My NS Journey


After 17 weeks of gruesome recruit training in Tekong (PTP + BMT), the day (19 September 2015) has finally came. This was the gruelling 24km March that many were dreading about. Marching overnight all the way from Changi Ferry Terminal to Singapore Indoor Stadium…

As you can see from the above image illustration, we took the Fastcraft (ferry) from Tekong Island to Changi Ferry Terminal then walk approximately 2km to our Start Point then along Changi Coast Road, through East Coast then finally to End Point at National Stadium. Those blue markings were the rest points at various km marks.


Getting Ready

Our Sergeants told us it would be better to prepare some candies to munch on while marching to keep ourselves awake. So I am all loaded up with calories (2 x Red Bull cans in grenade pouch, 2 x Pkt sweets in magazine pouch, more snacks inside fieldpack) and ready for the march 😀


How heavy?

As for the load of our fieldpack, many asked. It contains all my belongings accumulated from bunk and the usual 10-pack items, estimated around 12kg? Some of my bunk mates even threw away their personal belongings such as PT shoes, shampoos and towels just to lighten their loads by a little. In addition to the fieldpack load, we also have our SAR21 rifle to hold.


The March

At the start, everyone were in good spirit. Cheering and laughing while we marched alongside the Changi Airport Runway where many named it as the “Never Ending Road”. Why? Cause the whole stretch of path is ridiculously long. Construction works were on-going so it was quite boring as everywhere looks the same.


During the 8km to 12km stretch, that was the longest distance I ever felt. I am quite certain that it was more than 4km. My ankles were cracking, shoulders were breaking and my eyes were crying. I had to grind my teeth while I struggle to lift my legs to move forward. Slowly, I get a little bit light headed, eyes were shutting and I started to walk sideways like those Walking Dead Zombies. [ Continue Reading… ]

SAF’s New Kicks? NB565 vs Adidas Duramo



Recently SAF just introduced these two new pairs of shoes for physical training (PT). New Balance NB 565 (left) and Adidas Duramo (right).


Actually these 2 pairs has been available for sales in e-mart for quite a while already. People went crazy over the Adidas Duramo when it just released,  In Bedok Camp’s e-mart, every few minutes you will see someone asking the store auntie:

“Auntie, got the new Adidas shoes or not ah?

Then their standard replies will be:

“Sorry ah boy, out of stock already. Demand too high, wait restock ok?”

[ Continue Reading… ]

Basic Military Training (BMT) – My NS Journey


Before BMT

I remembered before my National Service (NS), I don’t know anything about army or bothered to find out. I was the last person in my clique to serve my NS as they have either ORD-ed or left a few months more to ORD.

Few months before my enlistment, I couldn’t achieve a silver for the old NAPFA test (5 Stations) in the last year of my polytechnic. For that I’ve received the enlistment letter telling me that I have to undergo an additional 6-weeks Physical Training Phase (PTP) due to poor NAPFA result and I have to report to Tekong Camp at 1030 hrs on 26 May 2015.

I was so demoralised that I have to serve that extra 2 months so that moment I told myself that I should start training and get a 61 points/silver so I can defer and ‘siam’ that PTP.

I even went to the extend of bringing my running shoes to my Japan trip with the thought of “maybe I should jog every morning”. But guess what, throughout the 10 days, not even once… Haha!

Pushing my luck, I went to retake NAPFA at Toa Payoh Stadium. This time following the new IPPT criteria (3 Stations: Push up, Sit up and 2.4km). Oh my… and yes, those were the words I said when I received my result slip and looked at it.

If I remembered correctly, my score were as follows:

  • Sit Up : 34
  • Push Up : 15
  • 2.4Km : 14+ mins

Oh my… Now thinking back, I should be so ashamed of myself. Hahahahahah! I have then accepted my fate to PTP.

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Lucid Dreaming? Here’s the trick to it

What exactly is Lucid Dream?

A lucid dream is a dream during which the dreamer is aware of him/her dreaming. During the process of lucid dreaming, the dreamer might be able to exert some degree of control over the dream characters, narrative, and environment. With that “awareness”, basically you are the God!


How to achieve it?

Follow these 7 steps method known as W.I.L.D (Wake Initiated Lucid Dreaming).

It is the most powerful and the most effective way to have lucid dreams. [ Continue Reading… ]