SAF’s New Kicks? NB565 vs Adidas Duramo



Recently SAF just introduced these two new pairs of shoes for physical training (PT). New Balance NB 565 (left) and Adidas Duramo (right).


Actually these 2 pairs has been available for sales in e-mart for quite a while already. People went crazy over the Adidas Duramo when it just released,  In Bedok Camp’s e-mart, every few minutes you will see someone asking the store auntie:

“Auntie, got the new Adidas shoes or not ah?

Then their standard replies will be:

“Sorry ah boy, out of stock already. Demand too high, wait restock ok?”

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Basic Military Training (BMT) – My NS Journey


Before BMT

I remembered before my National Service (NS), I don’t know anything about army or bothered to find out. I was the last person in my clique to serve my NS as they have either ORD-ed or left a few months more to ORD.

Few months before my enlistment, I couldn’t achieve a silver for the old NAPFA test (5 Stations) in the last year of my polytechnic. For that I’ve received the enlistment letter telling me that I have to undergo an additional 6-weeks Physical Training Phase (PTP) due to poor NAPFA result and I have to report to Tekong Camp at 1030 hrs on 26 May 2015.

I was so demoralised that I have to serve that extra 2 months so that moment I told myself that I should start training and get a 61 points/silver so I can defer and ‘siam’ that PTP.

I even went to the extend of bringing my running shoes to my Japan trip with the thought of “maybe I should jog every morning”. But guess what, throughout the 10 days, not even once… Haha!

Pushing my luck, I went to retake NAPFA at Toa Payoh Stadium. This time following the new IPPT criteria (3 Stations: Push up, Sit up and 2.4km). Oh my… and yes, those were the words I said when I received my result slip and looked at it.

If I remembered correctly, my score were as follows:

  • Sit Up : 34
  • Push Up : 15
  • 2.4Km : 14+ mins

Oh my… Now thinking back, I should be so ashamed of myself. Hahahahahah! I have then accepted my fate to PTP.

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Lucid Dreaming? Here’s the trick to it

What exactly is Lucid Dream?

A lucid dream is a dream during which the dreamer is aware of him/her dreaming. During the process of lucid dreaming, the dreamer might be able to exert some degree of control over the dream characters, narrative, and environment. With that “awareness”, basically you are the God!


How to achieve it?

Follow these 7 steps method known as W.I.L.D (Wake Initiated Lucid Dreaming).

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