Nicelah, a platform for us to express our thoughts and jot down our NS journey. The main objective of this blog is to motivate those who are still in service, inspire those who have yet to serve and share to those who just want to find out more about army life. However, Army won’t be the only topic here, we also want to have fun and fill our tummy with delicious yummy foods. Hence, food and fun categories have been created.


Jovan Khoo


My friends always ask me how is your NS life, what exactly did you went through? I always couldn’t find a best way to explain to tell them; somehow their attention will be lost halfway as they have no clue what I am talking about. So I thought nicelah would be a good opportunity to archive my journey so next time I can refer and also share to my friends what I’ve been through.

BMTC Jaguar 03/15 | OCS Bravo 101/15 | 1 Guards 16th Mono 

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