SAF’s New Kicks? NB565 vs Adidas Duramo



Recently SAF just introduced these two new pairs of shoes for physical training (PT). New Balance NB 565 (left) and Adidas Duramo (right).


Actually these 2 pairs has been available for sales in e-mart for quite a while already. People went crazy over the Adidas Duramo when it just released,  In Bedok Camp’s e-mart, every few minutes you will see someone asking the store auntie:

“Auntie, got the new Adidas shoes or not ah?

Then their standard replies will be:

“Sorry ah boy, out of stock already. Demand too high, wait restock ok?”

I admit I was one of the many who bugged the e-mart auntie countless times on when the new stocks for the new Adidas shoes will come.


After 2 weeks later, I managed to get hold of the Adidas Duramo but few days later they released the New Balance 565… However, to overcome the overwhelming demand, their new policy was one 11B can only purchase one of either brand. For example, if you bought the Adidas, you cannot buy the New Balance. 🙁



In terms of pricing, the Adidas Duramo cost around $39+ while the NB 565 is around $40+,


As for comfortability and performance, I heard from my friends that the NB 565 has a better performance review over the Adidas Duramo. The material of NB 565 makes the shoes more breathable and lighter as compared to the Adidas Duramo

Adidas Duramo
NB 565

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