Basic Military Training (BMT) – My NS Journey


Before BMT

I remembered before my National Service (NS), I don’t know anything about army or bothered to find out. I was the last person in my clique to serve my NS as they have either ORD-ed or left a few months more to ORD.

Few months before my enlistment, I couldn’t achieve a silver for the old NAPFA test (5 Stations) in the last year of my polytechnic. For that I’ve received the enlistment letter telling me that I have to undergo an additional 6-weeks Physical Training Phase (PTP) due to poor NAPFA result and I have to report to Tekong Camp at 1030 hrs on 26 May 2015.

I was so demoralised that I have to serve that extra 2 months so that moment I told myself that I should start training and get a 61 points/silver so I can defer and ‘siam’ that PTP.

I even went to the extend of bringing my running shoes to my Japan trip with the thought of “maybe I should jog every morning”. But guess what, throughout the 10 days, not even once… Haha!

Pushing my luck, I went to retake NAPFA at Toa Payoh Stadium. This time following the new IPPT criteria (3 Stations: Push up, Sit up and 2.4km). Oh my… and yes, those were the words I said when I received my result slip and looked at it.

If I remembered correctly, my score were as follows:

  • Sit Up : 34
  • Push Up : 15
  • 2.4Km : 14+ mins

Oh my… Now thinking back, I should be so ashamed of myself. Hahahahahah! I have then accepted my fate to PTP.

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