Officer Cadet School, OCS (Part I) – My NS Journey


Officer Cadet School or in short OCS is one of my most memorable journey ever. In this post, I do not aim to provide every single detail about OCS as 9-months has hell lot of things to write about.

I will break down my Journey into 3 parts, according to the OCS Phases:

  • Part I : Common Leadership Module (CLM)
  • Part II : Service Term
  • Part III : Professional Term, Joint Term

The Start of OCS

My 9-Months OCS Journey started 2 weeks after my BMT. The Common Leadership Module (CLM) was a two weeks phase where we were introduced to OCS and their Dos and Don’ts (inclusive of 1 week confinement). Army, Navy and Air’s cadets coming together to train as one Wing.

During the first day, I was dragging my heavy duffle bag all the way from SAFTI’s gate to Warriors Hall. I was told that I am posted to 101/15 Bravo Wing for CLM. None of my BMT mates who came OCS with me were posted to BRAVO.

My friends who heard that I entered Bravo said,

“Good luck, you are gonna suffer big time, I heard quite xiong one…”

As always, I was clueless as I didn’t do any prior research before coming haha!

First Encounter

I was given a blue sticker with the letter ‘B’ on it and I entered the hall and sat at the B column. I was there quite early so there was only a few cadets in the hall. Slowly, I start to see female cadets entering the hall, came and sat behind B column and I was like [ Continue Reading… ]